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A leading Airbnb property management company show you how to make your rental feel cosier in winter

Imagine your home is an Airbnb. You want it to feel cosy, warm and welcoming for holiday guests and business travellers alike to stay in – but what does that mean in practical terms, what should you be doing in order to achieve that goal? The team behind SevenStays’ quality Airbnb management services help you answer that question now.

Whether you’re styling a city apartment or seaside cottage, there are plenty of ways to switch up your space as the seasons change by introducing cosier features to your Airbnb property. Get this right and a property owner is on the right track to receive more rental income (and more guaranteed rental income too) from their property portfolio – however big or small it might be. Take a look at some of our top tips for rental property owners below.

Understand your space

As the seasons change, so do guests’ expectations and requirements from the Airbnb property they’re renting, with many opting to stay indoors, rather than braving bitter British temperatures. Before adding extra furnishings to vacation rental properties, it’s important to understand the space you’re dressing. Consider the location and style of your vacation rental property as it is before you start, and work with it rather than try to redefine it. For example, for best results as an Airbnb property, short term rental apartments may need to retain a contemporary feel, whilst a countryside cottage can afford to feature more rustic or traditional elements.

This process should help you shape the way you want your guests to feel during their stay in autumn & winter, as opposed to spring & summer – which is key when rethinking interiors.