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At SevenStays, we pride ourselves on offering guests a variety of design-led short term or holiday rentals to choose from, and we believe that finding the right interiors for any kind of residential property is very important. No matter the property type – whether they are holiday rentals, short term rentals for work or business trips from large companies, or let out for any other reason – the way the living spaces in properties like these look directly affects the way guests feel during their stay, which contributes towards their overall experience. We’ve rounded up a variety of short-term rental interior design tips to help you make a positive impact on guests with your living spaces, increase bookings and ultimately, maximise profit. Let’s get started.

Consider who’s staying in your short term rentals

First and foremost, it’s crucial to identify the type of traveller you’re expecting to host in your short term rental property. Once you’ve done this, it’ll be easier to choose your interiors. For example, if you’re targeting business travellers in the city centre, this will involve different requirements to furnishing cosy mountain cabins aimed at holidaymakers. Once you consider your home through the perspective of your ideal target audience, you’ll have a better idea of how to present your property so it can better cater to their tastes.

Pick a colour scheme

Depending on the style of the property, defining a colour scheme for short term rentals and maintaining a consistent palette from room to room, will evoke an effortlessly stylish and cohesive feel. If you’re unsure, keep it simple with neutral tones on the walls before introducing bolder accent colours – this way, you can easily switch things up in the future without needing to go for a complete overhaul.
If your property is quirky and unconventional, take time to consider how you can use this to maximise the creativity and uniqueness of your spaces. As one of the country’s leading property management providers, lending our expertise to hosts letting out all kinds of properties, we know that guests looking for short term rentals love properties with quirky or unique elements to them. So if your property has that, our advice is to accentuate it however you can, and one of the ways you can do so is via the décor.

Comfort is key (and not just for holiday rentals)

Whatever the property type may be – from rustic farmhouses to modern apartments – it’s crucial to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay, so always try to consider how a guest could live in your spaces. At SevenStays, our properties are fully equipped and well stocked with fresh linen and towels to offer our guests the ultimate ‘home from home’ experience – no matter the reason for their stay. We want to make your property feel like it’s something that’s theirs (at least on a temporary basis), rather than somebody else’s home that they just happen to be occupying.

It’s all in the details

Just because your guests are temporary, doesn’t mean you should compromise on the added touches. You need to make sure that you take care of all the details, because – depending on the guest – even the smallest of things can make a huge positive difference for them.

Likewise, using small home accessories such as vases, art, books, and soft furnishings can make a huge difference to the ambience you’re providing to guests in your short term rentals. When doing this you should try to keep your interior details reflective of the style of the rest of the home – just as we’ve seen above with our advice on décor. The items you choose should work with that décor wherever possible – but at the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment with pops of colour and texture to add that extra dimension to your rooms. 

Be smart with storage

Keep your property looking beautifully presented, carefully curated and clutter free by investing in smart storage solutions. If your space is compact, stick to functional, multi-purpose pieces that can be moved around. Where possible, opt for built-in solutions that can be hidden away to keep your rooms looking neat and ordered.

Adapt your short-term or holiday rental to the ‘new normal’

Guest requirements have shifted as a result of COVID-19. Now, as we all continue to adapt to the post-pandemic way of life, more than ever guests are opting for flexible arrangements to allow them to work from anywhere, as they seek a much-needed change of scenery after months of lockdown. Whether your property has a dedicated office or not, creating a distraction-free space that is optimised for productivity will add a whole new dimension to your listing.

How property management services helps owners of short term rentals do this

The specialist services and knowledge available from SevenStays will help you get the interior design for your properties right, and make sure that your short term rentals are the best short term rentals around – wherever in the UK they might be.

Once this has been done correctly you can rest easy knowing that your short term lets are well prepared to appeal to the kind of guests you want them to attract – be that people travelling for business or a holiday – making them more likely to rent your property for their next trip.

Our support continues post-booking too, as we’ll take care of the routine stocking and cleaning of your property for you, address any routine or emergency maintenance issues as they occur (in such an event your guests can contact us and access 24/7 support services, rather than you needing to be at your guests’ disposal at all hours from check in to check out). The support available from SevenStays is a comprehensive range of services that are proven to add more value to your property as a short term rental option – just take a look at these case studies to see how we’ve helped other property owners just like you get started on Airbnb and other accommodation rental platforms.

Interested in renting out your property? Sign up for SevenStays’ Airbnb management service now, or view our FAQ page to learn more about our specialist services, and follow us on social media for even more great hosting tips and advice.

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