What’s the Best Airbnb Management Service Near Me For Short Lets?

Finding the best airbnb management service near me

Which is the best short let management company?

The fast guest turnaround can be one of the most difficult aspects of being a short let landlord (an Airbnb host, in other words) especially in high demand locations in the UK like London. This is where Airbnb and guest management services can assist you, particularly with optimising the earning potential of your property.  So what exactly is an Airbnb management service and how can they help you as a landlord?

Within a single month, hosts can see multiple guests come and go, particularly during peak season in a tourist area, other prime locations, or metropolitan business hubs like London. Locations within walking distance of key tourist attractions or business centres can command high prices. A house in a seaside town, or an apartment in the financial centre of a major city, are likely to achieve high occupancy rates.

When each guest leaves, the property needs to be thoroughly cleaned and tidied ahead of the next arrival. In short lets of an entire property, as is often the case on Airbnb, the host or a management service will need to meet the guests and complete the check in procedure. With such a high guest turnover, property maintenance is more of an issue – another commitment for the landlord, especially if they are renting more than one property.

What do short let management services do?

Airbnb management services are companies which undertake the management of a short let rental property on behalf of the landlord. The company takes care of the entire process, from marketing your property and finding guests, to arranging professional cleaning, to check out. Many of these companies manage short stay lets of all kinds, and not just via Airbnb but also through other rental platforms. However, due to the success of  Airbnb – the brand is so popular that it is now synonymous with holiday let or short term rental – many management services market themselves as ‘Airbnb management services’. However, some of these companies still partner other platforms as well, such as, Tripadvisor or

Airbnb management services are not owned by nor directly related to Airbnb, they simply use the platform to market properties and find guests.

Airbnb lets popularity

With the popularity of Airbnb and of the short term rental, many landlords wanted to capitalise on this and move into the vacation rental space. They realised there was a lot of money to be made by renting their property as a short let. The staycation boom during Covid19, where people chose to holiday in the UK, has also increased the demand in the vacation rentals market. Many landlords wanted to

However, many  property owners realised that making a property marketable and attractive as a short term rental is not the same as making a property suitable for longer term lodging. Holiday or short lets require hard work, including decoration of the property and constant overseeing of guests. Airbnb management companies saw the need for a service, to oversee the entire Airbnb rental process, and provided a solution.

Finding the best airbnb management service near me

Short let management is ever popular and new Airbnb property management companies are appearing on a daily basis. Most of these services operate in major UK cities, such as London and Manchester. SevenStays operates in Ashford, Birmingham, Bracknell and Dartmouth among others.

The limited number of locations offered by most management companies is due to the fact that most of the demand for short lets, for holiday and business travel, is in major cities.  This is also the reason why most of these companies only manage entire properties, and not rental of a single room with a live-in landlord. It’s true that not every property is suitable for the short letting market; Sevenstays’ friendly and approachable property industry experts will offer a personalised assessment. We’ll let you know whether your property is best suited to short or long term lets.

At this point, you probably have some questions about how to select the best short let management service.

How can a short-let management service like Sevenstays help you?

The first step is to actually find guests to stay in your property. Sevenstays use our experience to market your property and find guests, by advertising your property on holiday and short let platforms. We send your listing to 52 global booking platforms, to maximise the exposure of your listing and therefore your earning potential. To create the most attractive listing, we arrange professional photography and copywriting to promote your property. We also assist with furnishing and stocking your property with amenities.

We oversee the full Airbnb rental process, from managing your booking calendar, check-in, check-out, and round the clock communication with guests.

Sevenstays offer 24/7 intelligence, so you can log into your account anytime to view occupancy statistics and change the property’s availability dates.

As property experts, we also assist with pricing – we offer dynamic pricing to maximise earnings from each listing.

Cost of an Airbnb management company

The starting price for most management companies is between 10-15% of the rental income, yet some are more expensive or offer ‘premium’ packages.

Airbnb itself doesn’t provide any management services – otherwise there wouldn’t be such high demand for external management companies. Airbnb is simply a platform for hosts and guests to complete bookings and process payments. You’ll need to go to an external management service if you want assistance with the rest of the process, from guest turnover to cleaning and decoration.

Do I need an Airbnb management service?

Strictly speaking, no – landlords can manage the process themselves. However, management services do greatly increase your chances of obtaining a higher rental income. This is both via preparing the property to make it attractive for the short rental market, and in using an effective pricing strategy.

The speed of guest turnover, coupled with the cleaning and reorganisation required between stays, can be a headache. Yet it’s important that each guest finds your property in pristine condition if they are to give the all-important positive reviews, which lead to more bookings.

If you have other commitments, live far from your rental property, or you simply don’t have the time to manage an Airbnb business, a management service will be of great help.

Maximising rental income

Airbnb management companies will most likely increase your rental income, for several reasons. Firstly, they work with landlords to agree the minimum price per night, and then adjust the price in accordance with demand, and in order to maximise occupancy rates.

Management services know how to achieve the highest rent possible and minimise periods without occupancy. Sevenstays constantly monitors market rates to ensure maximum income for our clients.

We specialise in creating compelling adverts which draw in guests – we know that professional photographs, which show your property in the best light, and optimised descriptions will attract more bookings. Paying guests want to see perfect properties, so any mess or unclean areas could lose you bookings.


Achieving a higher occupancy rate

Enlisting the help of a management company will most likely achieve a better occupancy rate. They have the expertise in the short let market to know which pricing strategy to adopt, and when, as well as how to create the most optimal listing.

What if a guest damages my property?

This is always a worry landlords have. Sevenstays will carry out a full inspection of each property before and after each guest, and we will notify you immediately if there are any issues. We also have a maintenance team who will quickly resolve any problems when needed. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.


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