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Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions from potential Airbnb hosts, as responded to by our problem solving property management experts. However, in the event that you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in our list of common questions, don’t forget that there are other areas of our website that may be able to help – our blog serves as a great resource for the short letting community, or if you prefer you can get in touch and speak to us directly too.


Who can use SevenStays services?

SevenStays is a service designed for landlords, property investors and owners. If you own a property in the UK and want to boost your income without the hassle, then SevenStays is the Airbnb management company for you.

My property is not on Airbnb, can I partner with SevenStays?

Yes, we do all of that for you. We will list your property on Airbnb, along with all the best short term rental booking platforms like and Vrbo.

How can I earn more from my rental property through SevenStays?

A nicely furnished property tends to have higher occupancy, and is able to set higher prices. We will do all we can to give your guests a memorable stay, and part of that includes sourcing stylish furniture that will compliment your property and living spaces, In turn this means that guests are more likely to leave us a high review, which should lead to higher prices, boosted occupancy, and larger profits for you.

Can hosts set their own criteria?

After testing various methods for guest checks, we are confident that our screening process combined with our deposit scheme is the most reliable and secure way of holding guests accountable. You can of course set certain criteria or house rules too, (e.g. ‘no pets’), if this suits your property best.

Will I be able to choose my bookings?

You can choose when your property is available for bookings throughout the year, and you can pre-set criteria as mentioned above, but beyond that hosts cannot choose individual bookings. We work this way to maximise occupancy and ensure an efficient booking process for guests.

Is there a standard property needs to meet? What do I need to do to short let my property?

To rent your property for short term rentals with SevenStays, we require that every property is self-contained (no other residents or guests) with a private bathroom, as well as essential amenities like kitchen facilities, TV, sofa, and bed. We also require that there is a working wifi connection, but our onboarding team can help with sourcing and setting up any of these items for you. Airbnb guests expect a comfortable stay, and these amenities will help your Airbnb listing attract positive reviews.

Is there an onboarding fee? / What fees do I have to pay?

There is a one-off onboarding service fee of £250 which covers photography, a deep clean, inventory, inspections, key setup, as well as health and safety checks. Then, depending on what your property has in it already, we can arrange furnishing.

We provide a short let amenities pack which stocks your property with everything it needs to welcome guests and receive good reviews. This includes everything from cutlery and linen to Wi-Fi and lightbulbs, TV to kitchen appliances, towels, kitchenware, and bathroom necessities. Prices vary for this pack but on average it costs around £2000. Then, once your property is live we will charge an agreed percentage of net earnings.

Can I register several accommodations?

Yes, we have lots of hosts who own multiple properties, even across different buildings. Sometimes these landlords like to put some properties on short let with SevenStays, with others targeting tenants through our long let platform, SevenLiving, to compare earnings from the two.

Can I freely set my pricing, the guest's days of arrival, the security deposit?

Our in-house revenue team monitors local demand to set dynamic pricing for your listing, meaning you are always charging the best price while boosting occupancy. You can block out days where you don’t want any bookings, and we pre-authorise a security deposit of £200 per booking to cover any damages.

Can I put different prices depending on the season?

Our dynamic pricing strategy constantly monitors local demand and prices in real time, meaning you are always charging the best price while boosting occupancy.

When/How will I be paid?

Your payment is sent out on the 10th of every month by bank transfer, and the amount you receive refers to the previous month.

Can I access or stay in my property?

Yes – that is the beauty of short term rental with SevenStays. Unlike a lot of short term rental companies, we will never charge you to stay in your own property. We just ask that you try to give us advance notice so we can block out your property’s calendar, and that you pay a cleaning fee so that after you leave our cleaning team can make sure that it is sparkling ready for your next guests. You can stay as often as you like, but of course it goes without saying that the more you stay, the less income you will make. Lastly we do ask that you do not access the property while guests are staying there, unless we have sought permission from the guests.

What is the minimum contract length?

We expect a minimum contract length of 12 months due to the considerable set up required for onboarding new hosts and preparing their properties. We also feel that 12 months is the optimum amount of time to see true earnings, as pricing and earnings can fluctuate throughout the year.

How long does it take to receive the first booking?

Depending on the size and condition of the property, and whether it’s furnished or not, we can get properties live on the booking platforms within a few weeks. Once this is done our revenue team will get to work setting the best prices for your property according to demand, and you should receive your first booking shortly after. We can’t guarantee bookings within a certain time period, but we believe if it is marketed and priced correctly, it shouldn’t take too long to get booked up.

What do I need to start hosting with SevenStays?

By law, potential hosts will need a Gas Safety Certificate, EPC and EICR to start hosting. You will also need safety equipment including a fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kit and fire door. If you are unsure about what your obligations and responsibilities are as a host, or how to meet any of them, your account manager will be happy to assist.

Our service

How are SevenStays different from competitors?

We are proud to provide a 100% turnkey full-service for our hosts, using a human-tech hybrid approach. Our in-house maintenance and housekeeping teams have years of property management experience and follow a sixty-nine point cleaning list. We offer 24/7 communication to both guests and landlords, and you will always speak to a member of our friendly team (not a robot in sight).

Our revenue team constantly studies demand to set dynamic pricing for your Airbnb listing, based on what’s happening in the real world right now. Making money from your rental property has never been easier – our pricing team are Airbnb experts, and will choose the most appropriate rent for your Airbnb listing at all times, so that your property receives as many enquiries and bookings as possible Whether you’re a professional landlord running an Airbnb business with multiple listings, or are just renting out a spare room in your flat for extra income, we will ensure that your Airbnb listing attracts as much interest as possible.

Where do you operate/ What locations do you cover?

We operate in locations across the UK, from big cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester, to smaller locations such as Bracknell and Ashford. Head to our locations page to find out more.

How do you handle guest communications?

We have a dedicated guest services team in-house, working around the clock to ensure our Airbnb guests and potential guests receive all the information they need. Guests can contact us 24/7 on our contact number, via email or direct message. We also operate an emergency out of hours line.

SevenStays makes the hosting process easier by handling all guest communication. Though most guests are respectful, if you are unfortunate enough to have a ‘nightmare guest’, our team will communicate with them on your behalf.

Can you tell me more about the technology behind SevenStays' service?

To cater for the modern traveller, we use a range of tools to create a smooth running operation for our guests and hosts. We are proud to deliver a hybrid human-tech approach, using technology to streamline processes with a touch of human care.

How does SevenStays screen guests?

We go through a secure process of vetting guests to ensure that guests are held accountable and are who they say they are. As part of our guest communication offering, we require guests to upload a photo holding their passport, and a photo of a second form of identification before we release keys or check-in instructions. Once our property management team has manually cross-referenced these and are happy, we will send over details of how to access the property.

How will I manage my property with you?

Once the terms of business have been signed, you will be introduced to your dedicated account manager, who will take you through the next steps that will help us get your property live as soon as possible. Once it’s live, you will receive access to your personalised host dashboard where you can see bookings and earnings in real time, and you’ll also receive a monthly earnings report direct to your email inbox.

How does SevenStays market my property?

We work with professional photographers to shoot high quality images of your property, and then our in-house copywriters create expertly-crafted listings designed to maximise bookings. We are partnered with 52 global booking platforms as well as a range of corporate booking agents, so SevenStays are confident that we can get your listing the maximum reach and exposure possible.

How long does it take to create my property listing?

We aim to get listings live across key booking platforms within just a few days after your property is ready, with all photography, pricing and copywriting done.

Who take the photos?

We work with professional property photographers all over the UK who specialise in short term rental photography. This is included in your one-off onboarding fee.

How are the keys managed?

We use a combination of smart locks, police-approved lock boxes and key safes to ensure the utmost safety for your property. We also store spare or master keys in secure, separate locations.

Can I cancel the service?

We at SevenStays put in a considerable amount of time into setting up the property for short term rentals, and in return we would expect a commitment of at least 12 months from our hosts to give the business model a chance to reflect true earnings and return. So, when you partner with us we would ask that you stick with us through that minimum term, but you’re not ‘locked in’ to that and can cancel if you feel that it’s really not for you.


What happens if my property gets damaged? / How can I ensure the safety of home?

Our guest screening process is robust, and we pre-authorise a £200-£350 deposit for each booking, which will be taken if there is any damage to the property or your belongings. We use technology within the properties to securely track noise and occupancy, to ensure no unauthorised guests enter the property (e.g. friends of guests or parties). Our housekeeping teams carry out regular inspections of the property to ensure it is in good condition as well, and our in-house maintenance teams are always on hand for any repairs or touch ups that may be required.

How do you make sure cleaning is up to standard?

Our housekeeping teams are fully trained with hotel level experience. At SevenStays we are very proud to diligently follow a sixty-nine point cleaning list. We require all housekeepers to upload photographic evidence of cleaned properties to our internal system to ensure that every clean meets our own rigorous standards of quality .

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Our tech

Read more about the tech that powers our SevenStays hosting platform.

Corporate partners

SevenStays is a trusted agency partner for corporate and relocation accommodation. We offer tailor-made packages to suit your business needs.

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