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One of the major challenges Airbnb hosts face is managing the high turnover of guests. The constant coming and going of guests is time consuming and can be stressful. The solution? Sevenstays are a leading short lets management service. We offer an integrated management service, from the initial listing to check-out.

A host can see multiple guests come and go in a given month, especially during peak season in tourist locations and business centres, like Manchester or Edinburgh. Well regarded property management companies can take this stress away, and maximise your property‘s earning potential.

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How host managers can take you to Superhost status

Knowing how to meet the Superhost requirements is more difficult than it sounds. This is where a reliable host management firm can secure the reviews you need. Sevenstays have helped many landlords and owners on their way to Superhost status.  Here’s how we do it.

Provide comfortable, clean, stylish properties

Cleanliness is crucial to guests, and they won’t hesitate to leave poor reviews if your apartment or house isn’t pristine. They will also expect a well furnished, tidy space – beds should be comfortable, appliances should all work, and standard amenities should be offered. Check in should be straightforward – Sevenstays ensures this by using software like Keynest. Hiring professional cleaners who follow a checklist, and keeping up-to-date on maintenance, will help you to achieve Superhost status. Our service includes cleaning and repairs, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Keep your cancellation rate low

You need a cancellation rate of less than 1% to become a Superhost. Cancellations are often made when a property is accidentally double booked, so staying on top of your calendar is crucial. With Sevenstays, this is done automatically – we use software platform Guesty to stay on top of guest reservations. However, we also firmly believe that guests should have access to a human contact – so we offer 24/7 contact with our team, who respond promptly to guest queries.

Guest communication

Communication is paramount. Superhosts need to respond promptly and politely to guest messages – anything less than a 90% 24 hour response rate won’t do. Answer initial booking queries as soon as you can, and respond instantly to any queries before and during a guest’s stay. Better yet, enlist a short lets agency who can take care of this for you. They can also proactively reach out to guests and ensure they’re enjoying their stay, and resolve any problems – all without having to disturb you.

Offer a 'good deal'

While cleanliness and comfort are important, guests also like to feel they’re getting a good deal. It’s been proven that guests who believe they are getting value for money are far more likely to leave five star reviews. If you’re struggling to receive a 90% occupancy rate, adjust your prices slightly – when people read glowing reviews and make reservations, your occupancy rate will increase. The slightly lower daily rate will be compensated by the higher occupancy rate. However, don’t sell your property short – you can still earn a profit. Our property experts will fix the optimal price for the time of year, local events etc.

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Why am I not already a Superhost?

Becoming a Superhost isn’t easy, as we’ve said – especially if you own multiple investment properties, or even if you simply rent out your own home when unoccupied.

Less than 20% of Airbnb hosts achieve the coveted status. So why don’t the other 80% make it? The biggest factor is not meeting the minimum reservation requirements, followed by the quality of reviews.

While Superhosts often charge a lower nightly rate, they also secure far higher occupancy rates, and higher revenue per room. So ultimately they earn more from their property than non-Superhosts. Dynamic pricing, notably the trade-off between occupancy rates and nightly rates, is crucial not only to increasing revenues, but also to becoming a Superhost. This is where our property team utilises their first-hand knowledge of the rental market to increase your return on investment.

To find out your property‘s earning potential, reach out to our team – or get your free estimated earning potential.

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