The Short Term Rental Tools We Use

With SevenStays you get the best of both worlds, as we use a proven hybrid approach to hosting support and management. Behind every great bit of tech at SevenStays is a person. Our hands-on hospitality approach is paired with an array of short term rental tools and thoughtful technology to deliver a highly personal and hassle-free service to both hosts and guests. At SevenStays, we work smarter using technology to streamline operations and empower our team to deliver a top-rated 100% turn-key service. Whether it’s using real-time data and market demand to create dynamic pricing to our contactless smart locks, this is short term lets made simple.

Meet our short term rental tools

Fix Flo

FixFlo is an online repair reporting tool and maintenance management system, one of the very useful short term rental tools that helps us provide 24/7 maintenance support for hosts. FixFlo enables us to efficiently manage numerous contractors and repairs whilst ensuring all latest regulations and legislation for short-term and vacation rentals are met.


Arthur is another of the short term rental tools that we make use of to seamlessly manage guests, contractors, hosts via dedicated apps to provide our top-rated property management services.


Breezeway is one of the best short term rental tools for property maintenance. It is a property care, operations and messaging platform, which assists us with coordinating, communicating and checking detailed work at each of the short-term or vacation rentals on our books.


Amongst all of the short term rental tools we use, Guesty serves as our reservations platform. It enables us to provide automated personalisation and stay on top of the guest relations to successfully run ftheir short-term lets or vacation rentals as a business.


Keynest is a key tracking and exchange platform providing safe and secure key exchange and recovery, 24/7. Keys are held at one of over 4,000 Keynest locations, enabling us to provide easy key collection for guests and peace of mind to host that their keys are securely held in between guests.

Yale locks

Yale locks offer convenient and secure pin-entry door locks so we can offer contactless 24/7 check-in and check-out. These smart locks can be managed with a key tag, keypad, or even a mobile phone.


Payprop is a platform designed to take the hassle out of revenue management and payment processing, reconciliation and admin. This enables us to spend more time on delivering a personal service which keeps guests happy and loyal.


Eversign is part of our suite of short-term rental tools and is used to securely approve, deliver and sign documents online that are legally binding.

State-of-the-art Tech Stack

We know first-hand how time consuming managing a short term rental can be so we’ve developed our tech stack to include the best short term rental tools to provide an unrivalled end-to-end service that can simplify your life and increase your earning potential.

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