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The sharing economy and popularity of Airbnb has convinced many of us that we can earn money by renting a room in our property, or an entire property when we’re away. While it’s possible to list your rental property on Airbnb independently, there are some major advantages to enlisting the help of a short term rental property management service like SevenStays. We specialise in the short let market, and offer a bespoke service you won’t find elsewhere.

SevenStays are not just a short term rental property management service, we’re property experts – we’re always up-to-date with market trends, so you can make the most out of your rental property. We cover the entire rental process, from preparing an Airbnb listing, to overseeing your guests check-out. Here’s our guide to success in the short let market.

Short Term Rental Property Management

SevenStays is a short term rental property management company, meaning we manage everything so you can earn more – without the stress. We understand that being a landlord or responsible person of a rental property, especially if you let multiple properties, can be time consuming and stressful. This is where our short term rental property management team can assist: we oversee the entire rental process, from advertising your property on Airbnb to checking out guests – and everything in between. Here’s a walk through of our services.


Studies show that properties which are pristine, well decorated and well photographed command more bookings on Airbnb. So, before we even list your property, we can arrange professional photography and cleaning if we think this will help to maximise your revenue. We also arrange professional copy, so your property is shown in the best light.


As experienced short term rental property management experts, we set the most optimal price for your property location, the time of year, local events, and other factors, to maximise the number of reservations. We review the price throughout the year to ensure your listing is competitive.


We manage bookings on the Airbnb platform, from check in to check out. You can amend your calendar at any point, to change block-out dates.

Cleaning and maintenance

We have an in-house maintenance and housekeeping team, who will ensure your property is pristine before and after stays.

Guest communication

We oversee all guest communication, from reservations to responding to enquiries during their stay.

24 hour support

You and your guests will have round-the-clock access to a human, a trained member of our team – you’ll never have to speak to a robot!

State-of-the-art tech

We use the latest tech solutions to give you full control of your rental income. Our 24/7 intelligence means you can log in and view your occupancy stats at any time, and amend your block-out dates.

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Rental Success

As short term rental property management specialists, we’re here to help you maximise your earnings. We can advise you on the best strategy to achieve this. A major advantage of short term lets – those less than thirty days – is that you can maximise your rental income all year round, by varying your pricing strategy. You can boost your income by taking advantage of peak interest, at times like Christmas and New Year.

Some properties will be better suited to short term property rental than others – our short term rental property management team can advise you on this. If your property is better suited to the long term rental market, our partner team, SevenLiving, will be able to assist.

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Reach out to our team for success on Airbnb

The SevenStays short term rental property management team will help to get your property neat, tidy and well presented for your guests, taking care of cleaning in between stays.

We will use all available information about your location and current market trends to set the most optimal price for your property. Get in touch for a personalised pricing estimate – our team will advise on the suitability of your property for short term lets, and how we can make the most of your property’s earning potential.

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