Airbnb Host Problems – Overcome Them With Our Help!

Dealing With Airbnb Host Problems Effectively

Airbnb has undoubtedly revolutionised the hospitality industry, providing a platform for hosts to rent out their homes or rooms to guests from around the world. While hosting on Airbnb can be a highly rewarding experience (and not just in monetary terms), but it also comes with its fair share of challenges for those who choose to open up their properties to strangers. This article aims to address the most common Airbnb host problems and provide practical solutions to them, so that no matter whether you’re a new host or you’ve been welcoming guests for years, you can make a guest’s stay as smooth and enjoyable as possible – for both you and them!

Dealing With Airbnb Host Problems Effectively
The Top Airbnb Host Problems and How to Tackle Them
Problem 1: Managing Booking and Availability

One of the most common Airbnb host problems is staying on top of bookings and keeping your availability accurately updated. Especially if you’re lucky enough to own a particularly popular property, or during peak times, monitoring the various different guest requests, cancellations, and changes to your calendar can be overwhelming.


Airbnb’s own booking system boasts a number of features and functionalities that can help you take the stress out of this aspect of hosting, however, we know that not every host has the free time to dedicate to getting to grips with them. If that’s the case for you, then don’t forget that the SevenStays team can also help out by managing your bookings for you.

Problem 2: Dealing with Difficult Guests

Next on our list of potential Airbnb host problems is dealing with difficult guests. From those requesting late check-ins to those making unreasonable demands of their host, challenging guests like these really can make hosting a stressful experience.


To minimise the chances of hosting difficult guests, be sure to thoroughly screen potential guests by reviewing their profiles and past reviews. Set clear house rules and communicate your expectations upfront. If you encounter issues with a guest, you MUST remain calm and professional, and try to resolve the problem diplomatically. If you prefer however, you can also let SevenStays handle it. We have a team of trained guest relations specialists, who know just how to defuse potentially problematic situations and keep guests content while also running your property the way you want.

Problem 3: Handling Negative Reviews

Receiving negative reviews is one of those Airbnb host problems that’s bound to happen to any host eventually. However, in order to maintain a positive reputation for your property, when it does it’s important to know how to respond appropriately.


When responding to negative reviews, again you MUST stay polite and professional. It may also help to take such a review as a learning experience, thank the guest for their honest feedback and talk about what you’re doing to address their concerns and stop the same issues cropping up again. Alternatively, the SevenStays guest relations team can once again be called upon to respond to negative reviews on your behalf, and you can rest assured that we’ll always do so in an appropriate manner.

Problem 4: Legal and Regulatory Issues

Many Airbnb hosts are of course subject to a number of legal and regulatory requirements, such as property use restrictions, health and safety requirements, and tax obligations. These must be complied with fastidiously – if not the host could face legal action from guests, or higher powers such as regulatory bodies.


There’s no real shortcut in this case – to avoid legal problems hosts must research all relevant local regulations accurately and follow them closely. They must obtain any necessary permits, pay all required taxes, and properly adhere to any other regulations that may be in place. They must also stay up to date regarding any changes in legislation that may affect their hosting activities. However, while we may not be able to do all of this on a host’s behalf, the SevenStays team can certainly offer expert advice to hosts, to help them stay in line with what the law requires of them.

Problem 5: Property Damage and Security

The issues of property damage and security are common areas of concern for hosts, and – when things go wrong in this area – common Airbnb host problems that can cause significant stress and financial loss to the hosts that experience them.


Hosts can minimise the risk of damage to their rental property or its contents by requiring a security deposit, and by maintaining a rigorous screening process through which all potential guests must pass. Installing modern security systems (such as smart locks and alarm systems) is also a prudent step towards enhancing the safety of your property. Again, while we can’t implement such measures for you, the SevenStays team can minimise Airbnb host problems of this nature by advising on the security measures you might want to take to safeguard your property and its contents, and our cleaning teams can monitor the property for damage and other potential maintenance issues as part of their cleaning passes.

Dealing With Airbnb Host Problems Effectively
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Establish a clear cancellation policy and communicate it to your guests. If a guest requests a cancellation, refer to your policy and follow its guidelines. Be prepared to handle extenuating circumstances with understanding and flexibility.

How can I improve my Airbnb listing to attract more guests?

Optimise your listing by using high-quality photos, writing a compelling description, highlighting unique features of your property, and offering competitive pricing. Regularly update your listing to keep it fresh and relevant.

What should I do if a guest violates my house rules?

If a guest violates your house rules, communicate with them calmly and professionally to address the issue. If the problem persists or escalates, you may need to involve Airbnb’s support team or, in extreme cases, ask the guest to leave.

How can I ensure my guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay?

Provide a clean, well-maintained, and accurately described property. Offer amenities such as Wi-Fi, a well-equipped kitchen, and comfortable bedding. Communicate clearly and promptly with guests and strive to address any concerns they may have during their stay.

Dealing With Airbnb Host Problems Effectively

While hosting on Airbnb comes with its challenges, being prepared and proactive, and implementing the solutions and tips provided in this article can help property tackle these Airbnb host problems effectively and ensure a positive experience. In addition, we hope that this article has shown you how the quality Airbnb hosting services and expertise provided by SevenStays can also help you overcome many Airbnb host problems and delivers highly useful and effective support in a number of areas that will help hosts old and new provide a great guest experience. If you’d like to learn more however, click here to view the ‘our service’ section of our site, or here to contact us directly.


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