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Running an Airbnb property Solihull

As a smaller town in amongst many others, and overshadowed by larger neigbours like Birmingham and Coventry, the prospect of running an Airbnb property Solihull visitors look forward to renting may at first seem a little foolish. However, this is far from the case. Homes, apartments and other Airbnb property Solihull has to offer is in fact in the perfect location, market, and overall situation to succeed. Why is that? SevenStays investigates in this blog.

Running an Airbnb Property Solihull Loves – The Good

The SevenStays team actually run down many of the main reasons in our dedicated location page for the town so we won’t dwell on them for too long here, but the fact that Solihull is in a fairly central location within the UK, close to those larger neighbours that we mentioned earlier as well as amenities like Birmingham Airport (which is actually in the Borough of Solihull) and the NEC, are factors that play hugely in it’s favour. They mean that there’s a near-constant stream of guests arriving in the area year round, looking for short term accommodation to rent – and this is great news for you as a host.

Running an Airbnb Property Solihull Loves – The Bad

First and foremost, people do realise that when it comes to Airbnb property Solihull represents a highly lucrative opportunity, they know that there’s money to be made, and so the local market is highly competitive these days. This can place extra burden and stress on you as a host in Solihull however. The competition only drives standards upwards, which is great for guests, but in turn this leads to increased expectations, and you may find yourself obligated to offer more services, or make extra accommodations to look after the various requests that your guests may make of you, when all you originally wanted to do was provide a room to a weary traveller and make a bit of money doing so.

What does it take to host effectively in Solihull

To a certain extent, running an Airbnb property Solihull visitors will enjoy is the same as hosting effectively anywhere else in the country. Guests will expect certain things when it comes to the amenities, facilities, and the amount of privacy available to them. There are plenty of things that hosts can do to make a guest’s stay more enjoyable depending on the property or the time of year, but the following should – in the opinion of the SevenStays team – be seen as the basics:

A clean and well stocked kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces will be expected by your guests. Facilities for making tea and/or coffee are generally expected, but if you want to go the extra mile (as you should if you want to be known as the best Airbnb property Solihull has to offer) then ingredients for a quick and easy meal are great things to have available too.

You’ll also need to pay special attention to your bedrooms. This is where people will be coming to sleep, so unless they’re planning on not sleeping, they can’t really avoid spending a few hours here each day. That being the case, you’ll need to pay extra attention to the cleanliness and comfort that you’re offering in these rooms, and you should make sure that you’re offering the best quality sleep experience you can too – the more restful the better. – so a well made + inviting bed with a quality mattress topped with comfortable sheets and pillows can be a real plus point too.

Going above and beyond

Something that’s often overlooked by landlords that are new to hosting is the importance and value of local knowledge. Having a ready answer for business or holiday guests on the lookout for a good restaurant or takeout after a long day in a strange town, a picturesque country walk or other leisure activities to help them unwind and enjoy their stay can make all of the difference between an average short letting experience and a top-rated property – maybe even the best Airbnb property Solihull can boast.

How do I make sure that I’m providing a good experience to my guests?

A simple way to address this is to ask them, and you might use a short questionnaire or feedback form in the property to do this. If you’re more about implementing practical solutions though, then assistance from a property management service can be one of the most effective ways to make sure that everything that needs to get done gets done. The team at SevenStays is made up of highly experienced hospitality industry professionals, who can keep your property rent-ready and who work to the highest standards, but that’s not all. In our team we also have property marketing specialists that will pair the perfect photography with the right ad copy to market your property effectively no matter whether you’re targeting business travellers or the vacation accommodation crowd. Sound like support that can help you? Sign up today using this link!


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