Is Short Term Let Property Management Right for You?

Is Short Term Let Property Management Right for You?

The realm of short term let property management is an exciting and dynamic one. It’s a sector that offers property owners the opportunity to maximise their investment returns significantly. However, it’s also a sphere that demands comprehensive understanding, careful planning, and strategic execution. This article aims to shed light on the intricacies of short term let property management, its benefits, and the potential challenges it may pose.

What is ‘Short Term Let Property Management’?

Short term let property management, a niche yet increasingly significant field in the real estate industry, focuses on the overall administration and control of properties rented out for brief durations. These short-term vacation rentals, which typically span from a couple of days to six months, are highly sought after by tourists, business executives on work trips and digital nomads looking for Airbnb styled temporary lodgings.

The management of these properties entails a wide range of responsibilities, including:

Property Promotion

The first aspect of short term let property management is property promotion. This involves strategically listing the property on various online platforms and leveraging effective marketing techniques to draw the attention of prospective guests. With the right promotional methods, a property can stand out in the crowded marketplace, attracting a steady stream of bookings.

Booking Management

Next, booking management plays a key role in short term let management. This encompasses the handling of reservations, cancellations, and payments. A well-managed booking process can enhance guest satisfaction and encourage repeat bookings. Thus, property managers need to ensure a smooth, hassle-free booking experience for all guests.

Property Maintenance & Cleaning

Another key responsibility under short term let property management is property maintenance and cleaning. Regular upkeep of the property is essential to its appeal. This implies routine cleaning, addressing necessary repairs, and implementing timely upgrades to keep the property in top shape. A well-maintained property not only appeals to guests but also sustains its value over time.

Guest Communication

Guest communication is another critical aspect of short term let property management. Good communication channels must be established and maintained with guests, ranging from addressing their queries to resolving any issues that may crop up during their stay. Effective communication can significantly enhance the guest experience, leading to positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Guest Review Management

Lastly, guest review management is a crucial part of short term let property management. Encouraging guests to leave reviews and effectively managing these reviews can significantly boost the property’s online reputation. Positive reviews can enhance the property’s visibility on rental platforms, attracting more bookings and ensuring a steady income stream.

The Unique Appeal of Short Term Let Property Management

Short term let property management, when done correctly, offers several distinct advantages over traditional long-term rentals. Here are some reasons why it’s an attractive option for property owners:

High Return on Investment

The potential for a higher return on investment is one of the most significant advantages of property management for short term rentals. With strategic pricing and effective marketing, these properties can generate substantial income, often outpacing the revenue from long-term rentals.

Flexibility for Property Owners

Short term let property management offers property owners a great deal of flexibility. Owners can block out specific dates on the calendar for personal use or adjust the pricing according to the season or local events.

Increased Demand

The demand for short term rentals is on a steady rise. Factors such as the growth of remote work and the increasing popularity of “staycations” due to travel restrictions have contributed to this trend.

Diversification of Income

Managing short term rentals allows property owners to diversify their income sources. Instead of relying solely on long-term rental income, they can tap into the lucrative short-term rental market.

Challenges in Short Term Let Property Management

While the benefits are appealing, short term let property management is not without its challenges. Here are a few aspects to consider:

Higher Operational Demands

The high turnover rate of guests means that managing short term rentals is more demanding than in long-term rental situations. Tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, and guest communication can be time-consuming.

Seasonal Fluctuations

The income generated from short term rentals can be subject to seasonal fluctuations. Various factors, like local events or tourist seasons, can impact the number of bookings.

Regulatory Considerations

Some cities have strict regulations regarding short term rentals, and in some cases, they might even be prohibited. It’s crucial to be aware of and comply with local laws and regulations.

Increased Wear and Tear

Short term rentals tend to experience more wear and tear than long-term rentals due to the high turnover of guests. This can lead to increased maintenance costs.

More Intensive Guest Interaction

Guests in short term rentals often require more attention and interaction than long-term tenants. This can include providing local recommendations, dealing with inquiries and complaints, and ensuring a seamless check-in and check-out process.

The Role of Professional Short Term Let Property Management Companies

Given the challenges associated with short term let property management, property owners often turn to professional management companies for assistance. These companies offer a range of services, including marketing and promotion, booking management, property maintenance, guest communication, and review management.

Engaging the services of a professional management company, like SevenStays, can help property owners unlock the full potential of their short term rentals. With their expertise in advanced marketing techniques, dynamic pricing strategies, and exceptional customer service, these companies can significantly enhance the visibility and earning potential of the property.

Moreover, these companies have a network of vetted service providers, ensuring that the property is well-maintained and ready to welcome guests at all times. Their commitment to guest satisfaction ensures that every guest has a memorable stay, translating to positive reviews and repeat bookings.


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