How to find the best Airbnb Property Ashford

Making the Most of Your Airbnb Property Ashford

A growing number of people are buying properties and converting them into Airbnbs as a way of making money. With so many different properties available to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That is why we have prepared this guide, alongside our main guide to Airbnb property management Ashford, to help you pick out the perfect real property conversion into an Airbnb property Ashford.

It’s also important to note that while  Airbnb is the catch-all term, there are many competitor websites which also manage accommodation booking. Guests visit these sites for different niches – Vrbo is a popular place to find a holiday cottage, while is a comparison site for hotel rooms.

Choosing the Right Property

In order for an Airbnb property Ashford to succeed, you must choose the right property. You must do your research to ensure that you choose a house that meets your expectations. Make sure you take into account the size, location, and parking offered by the property. You should also decorate the Airbnb to make it comfortable, so you guests can feel at home.

If you are considering renting your property out for a short-term or vacation rental, you should keep in mind the length of your intended guests’ stays, as well as any special needs they may have. Be sure to look into the area’s local regulations and zoning laws that govern short-term and vacation rentals, too. It may be wise to hire a lawyer’s services to help you navigate the legal side of things!

The neighbourhood is everything when it comes to real estate. Some neighbourhoods have increased in value more than any other asset and you can take advantage of this in the short-term rental space. Locating your property with a view to maximise revenues while maintaining a good reputation with neighbours and locals is key.

The type of property you buy will play a large role in how you use it and how much you can charge for stays. Factors like the size of the property and the location will impact the price of a night’s stay. Smaller houses may be more lucrative if they are in a highly sought-after location and well- suited to Airbnb stays of a few days. A large house that can accommodate many guests at one time may bring in even more money if you can manage the noise and wear-and-tear they tend to attract.

Location and Price

Finding the right property is an essential step for starting an Airbnb business. It should be in an area that is desirable and at prices that are manageable. It’s also important to select a property that is available for full-time use. A second home that is used occasionally isn’t the best option for an Airbnb business, as it will make the calendar hard for you and your guests to plan around.

If you are planning on starting an Airbnb property Ashford, finding the right property is crucial. In order to maximise your ROI, the property should be located in an area that will attract a wide range of guests. In addition to being affordable, you could look for a property near local features, including: good public transport links, restaurants and attractions that people would likely be travelling to visit.

The amenities and prices of Airbnb properties in Ashford, Kent will vary depending on the location. The area around the Ashford Park And Ride is a great place to find affordable apartment rentals, but there are also stylish townhouses and country cottages, perfect for a family holiday.

Unless you’re offering this unique countryside experience, though, you should try to find a property that is walking distance from the city centre.

Setting Up with Airbnb Property Ashford

Once the property is secure, it will need to be set up for Airbnb guests. First and foremost, the property must meet all safety regulations. From there it’s important to make sure that all furniture and appliances are in good condition, as well as that kitchen cleaning supplies and products are available. Moreover, it is essential that the property is furnished with comfortable bedding, towels, basic toiletries, and kitchenware in addition to the basic amenities needed.

Guests will feel comfortable and at home if the property listing has lots of well-shot photographs, and if their booking is provided with detailed check-in instructions. As soon as all of these steps have been taken, the property can be ready to receive Airbnb guests and provide its owners with a source of income and enjoyment.

Because so many people travel to Ashford for business as well as leisure, the Airbnb properties in this area need to be very equipped with everything guests need to be comfortable, including Wi-Fi, kitchenettes or full kitchens, workspace space, and HDTVs. Many of these properties are also located near public parks and green spaces, so guests can enjoy a bit of nature while they’re away from home.

Ashford, Kent, UK is a great place to start with Airbnb hosting. With some keyboard research and some elbow grease, you can be on your way to owning a profitable Airbnb property Ashford in no time!

If you find the perfect property but want to run a stress-free Airbnb, be sure to contact SevenStays here to find out more about our services!


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