How to find the best Airbnb Property Brighton

Guide to Starting an Airbnb Property Brighton

If you’re looking into getting an Airbnb property Brighton would be a great choice of location. The city of Brighton and Hove has been a popular destination for a long time, but since gaining city status in 2000, Brighton has been providing the perfect opportunity for property investment.

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It’s important to think about why you’re starting an Airbnb property. Renting an Airbnb is a great way to earn back your investment quickly – the ROI is much greater than residential renting – but you can run into issues cleaning up after guests, and ensuring you have bookings throughout the summer. This is where SevenStays step in, providing a turnkey solution for managing a short term let. So put those worries out of your mind, and start considering Airbnb property Brighton for your property investment!

Why choose an Airbnb property Brighton?

So, why choose Brighton for short term lets? Real property in Brighton can require a staunch initial investment, but we believe a vacation rental in the area would pay dividends, for a few reasons.

Airbnb property Brighton has been on an upswing for a long time, due to great travel links to London and therefore the rest of the UK. This has made the city very popular for day trips from London and surrounding areas, which frequently turn into weekend getaways. Despite its location on the South coast, Brighton is within easy reach of anyone from the Southern half of England, meaning Brighton draws crowds much larger than many other places in the UK.

An Airbnb is the perfect way to spend a weekend away, and they’re increasingly popular. Since 2020 the idea of a staycation has gained considerable ground. Many people have realised that you don’t have to travel far to find a beach by the sea, and Brighton is a beautiful city that people from around the UK are more than happy to holiday to.

There are also several cultural events in Brighton that happen around the year. Pride and the Fringe pull in people from all over the UK looking to get involved with the festivities. Many of these tourists look for an apartment or room to stay in, and travelling in groups find Airbnb to be the preferred option.

It isn’t just holidaymakers looking for accommodation in Brighton and Hove. There are several large corporate headquarters in Brighton, and with several large hotels the city is host to several conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. Not everyone can find a room in the hotel of the conference, though, meaning an Airbnb property Brighton can be big business.

Finding a niche for your Airbnb property Brighton

When picking out a property to convert into an Airbnb you could try and corner a particular market. If you want to buy a house, for example, you might cater more to families looking for a beach holiday. If your Airbnb property is suited for a family, you could decorate the bedroom and kitchen with seaside décor, for example. Someone viewing photographs of the property will get excited about the potential of a holiday home by the sea, making them more likely to book a stay. Of course, if you can find a property within walking distance of the beach or other tourist attractions, that’s even better!

On the flipside, professionals and young people travelling for festivals tend to want to be as detached from their host as possible. Since they are likely to be eating at restaurants, they aren’t picky when it comes to kitchen utilities. This means you can save some cost, and get your Airbnb property Brighton making returns right away. A single professional loves an apartment within walking distance of a coffee shop, but isn’t so picky about being by the sea.

You can (and likely will) cater to all of these audiences in some capacity, but it’s recommended by landlord experts to exert the control you have over the guest experience to increase your returns. Whether for the business or leisure crowds, any Airbnb property Brighton has to offer is likely to find its niche.

Returns on investment

Holiday homes in Brighton are a consistent source of revenue throughout the year. Of course there is a peak summer season, even in the England weather, but locals report seeing returns all year round thanks to the vibrant nightlife and frequent festivals and other tourist attractions running in the city. There is fierce competition for places to stay, but of course this also means there is competition to host. Our advice is to invest in an Airbnb property Brighton if you can find a real property at the right price – you won’t regret it!

An essential part of being an Airbnb host is upkeep and maintenance. In the busy season in particular, it’s important to be contactable and ready to replace things guests have used. That’s why SevenStays offer full hospitality services, from guest booking to checkout and everything in between, ensuring your Airbnb property is a consistent and stress-free source of revenue.

Be sure to check out other sections of our website – we have features for several locations around the UK like Manchester, Bracknell and Coventry – just in case Brighton hasn’t convinced you already! Or, if you want more information about our services, you can get in touch with us here.

Good luck in your all your Airbnb property Brighton endeavours, from all of us at the SevenStays team!


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