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SevenStays’ Airbnb property Birmingham guide

For those looking to get started with an Airbnb property Birmingham presents a great opportunity. The UK’s second city is a bustling metropolis that draws people from all walks of life towards it, with a wide variety of reasons to visit. As you’ll see on our dedicated location page about Birmingham, this could be for business or pleasure – but whatever the reason one thing’s for sure – guests in the city will need a place to stay.

The Sevenstays team’s mission with this blog is to provide you with extra information about hosting in Birmingham and the greater Birmingham area, as well as further detail on our property management services and how they can help to place your house or apartment amongst the very best Airbnb property Birmingham can offer. Let’s take a look.

Key Locations in Birmingham

As with other large cities in the UK like Manchester and London, when it comes to Airbnb property Birmingham does have certain areas that could be termed tourist hotspots. Key locations in which temporary accommodation – such as short term rentals through Airbnb and other such platforms – are particularly sought after. Properties located close by the following places in Birmingham should therefore certainly make mention of that fact, as it will be a plus-point for some visitors. ‘Location, Location, Location’, as the old real estate adage goes.

Bullring & Grand Central 

The Bullring and Grand Central are the beating heart of modern Birmingham. A huge, contemporary shopping and dining development, the Bullring and Grand central offer a huge variety of big name brands, and no matter whether you’re more interested in the shopping or the food on any given day, you’re sure to find something to scratch that consumerism itch here. Birmingham is a unique and vibrant city with a rich and storied history, but if you ask us, any exploration of Birmingham as it is today must include this one-of-a-kind retail experience, and any Airbnb property Birmingham can offer that’s nearby is in prime short-letting real estate.

Rail links

Birmingham New Street + Moor Street

For those in the second city with an Airbnb property Birmingham New Street & Moor Street stations should definitely be on your radar. These two railway stations are located right in the middle of Birmingham, just minutes from the Bullring and Grand Central. This central location and size (New Street is the largest of the three rail stations in Birmingham) mean that its highly likely that visitors will arrive in the city via this central hub. As a result, visitors tired from a long day’s travel to get to Birmingham, and who just want to drop their bags off and recharge the batteries a little before they start exploring will likely be looking for accommodation options close by this area.

Add in the fact that if your property is close by these stations it’s also close to the bullring and everything that we’ve spoken about above, and it’s not hard to see why if you do have a home or other living space close by here, you should absolutely be shouting about it from the rooftops!

Birmingham Snow Hill

Located to the north of the Bullring and it’s surrounding area, Snow Hill station may be located in a slightly quieter part of central Birmingham, but it is in an equally important location for travellers visiting for certain reasons. Airbnb property here is Airbnb property Birmingham City University students and visitors to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, as well as the Jewellery quarter and the Gun quarter will find incredibly well positioned to meet their needs.

Birmingham Airport

It makes sense for any Airbnb or short let property located near an airport to make a highlight of that fact, and the Airbnb property Birmingham has to offer is no different. The reasons for making a point of this are the same too – you’ll have tired (possibly even jetlagged) passengers who just want to go to bed, have a quiet night of rest before starting their holiday, business trip or whatever other reason that may have brought them to Birmingham.

Your Competition in Birmingham 

If you’re hosting in Birmingham then just like everywhere else, you are in the hospitality market, and that means that you’ll be competing not only with the rest of the Airbnb property Birmingham has to offer, but the city’s hotels and bed & breakfast establishments too. It’s important that you keep an eye on what all three of these individual sectors are doing, what they offer to guests in terms of service and experience, and what they charge for that service or experience so that you can keep up with developments in the market and remain competitive over the long term. However, this is certainly something that the Sevenstays team can help you with, as we’ll talk about later.

Types of Property in Birmingham

Again, as with other large cities in the UK like Manchester and London, you’ll find properties of all shapes and sizes used for short letting in Birmingham. From flats and terraced houses to semi-detached and even fully detached homes. As a result you’ll also find that the Airbnb offering in Birmingham covers the entire spectrum of price points from budget to luxury – the second city of the UK really is one of those places where almost any property can be marketed on short letting platforms, and rented out successfully and profitably.

Areas served by Birmingham

In addition to Birmingham itself, guests staying in the Airbnb property Birmingham can offer will also find places like Wolverhampton, Coventry, Walsall and Dudley, and the many smaller towns that make up greater Birmingham within easy reach, while great transport links like the M5, M6 and M42 provide easy access to locations further afield in all directions.

More information about the Support SevenStays can provide

Sevenstays’ expert property management services are the help that Birmingham-based hosts need in order to compete effectively with more premium options like higher end B&B’s and hotels, without having to dedicate all their spare time to hosting. Our highly knowledgeable team will help you market and publicise your property on the short letting platforms that matter to you, combining great photography with great ad copy to show why yours is some of the best Airbnb property Birmingham can boast. On the more practical side of things we’ll also provide a professional level cleaning and restocking service too. Click here to visit our services page and find out more.


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