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SevenStays’ Airbnb property Manchester guide

If you’re looking to get started running an Airbnb property Manchester is a great place to start. The city has a huge selection of reasons to visit as a tourist or business visitor (which our dedicated page on the city will tell you all about), as well as great transport links to a wide range of nearby towns, cities, and countryside beauty spots too. There really is something here for everyone.

All of those plus points can make for high demand – which is great for you as a host, but maybe not so great for you as a person with a life outside of hosting. However, if you find yourself in a position where your obligations to your property and to your guests are taking more time than they should or talking the fun out of hosting, why not turn to the SevenStays team for support? Our top-notch property management services are the perfect way to host effectively, keep your calendar full of bookings, offer great experiences to your guests, and yes, earn more profit from hosting too – all without placing undue demands on your partner, family, professional and social life.

We’ll tell you more about those services later on, but first, let’s talk about the amazing place that is Manchester.

Types of Property in Manchester

The vast majority of Airbnb property Manchester has to offer is in the form of some sort of house. These could be anything from a standard ‘two up two down’ terraced property, through to semi-detached and even fully detached houses. You’ll also find a wide variety of flats and apartments here too – including some ultra-modern options in high-rise property developments right in the heart of the city centre.

Your Competition in Manchester

It should really go without saying that in addition to an array of top-quality Airbnb property Manchester is also home to some very nice hotels and bed & breakfast establishments. However, it’s important for Airbnb hosts in the area to not forget that you’re in the hospitality business just like they are, and these hotels are your competition. You should therefore be looking at what places like Dakota Manchester, The Edwardian Manchester and Hotel Gotham are doing in terms of standard of service and pricing, and adjust your prices in line with that to ensure that you stay competitive in the local rental market – and again, this is something that we can help you with.

Key Locations in Manchester

Like other cities in the UK and even the world, Manchester is not one homogenous built up blob of uniform touristic appeal. There are an array of key locations throughout the city that – for one reason or another – will draw people to them. It’s definitely worth mentioning then if your property is located in or close by any of these places, because any Airbnb property Manchester has to offer has an advantage – especially versus other properties that don’t have the same great location.


Deansgate is one of the main thoroughfares in Manchester – put simply, ‘it’s where the action is’. Whether that’s shopping during the daytime or a visit to places like Manchester Cathedral or the John Rylands Library, finding some great food at one of Deansgate’s many dining options, or checking out the nightlife along Deansgate Locks until the wee small hours… No matter the kind of guest or the time of day, there’s always a reason to be here!

Piccadilly Gardens

Piccadilly is an important location in Manchester not only because it’s one of the city’s foremost urban pedestrian spaces, again lined with a nice selection of useful shops and dining options. It is also important because Piccadilly is Manchester’s main public transport hub. It’s highly likely that guests arriving by train will arrive here – so those looking for a short trip from their train to their bed will be looking for properties close to Piccadilly.

Manchester Airport

In a similar way to Piccadilly, if your property is located near Manchester Airport, you can use this to your advantage as you’re in the perfect spot to appeal to tired or jetlagged passengers who just want to go to bed, but who don’t want to pay over the odds to stay at the airport hotel.

Areas served in Manchester

Just as there are different areas of Manchester, there is also a raft of nearby towns and cities that – while they may not be in the City of Manchester proper, are nevertheless part of the conurbation of Greater Manchester, and within easy reach. Most notable here will be the City of Salford, with attractions like Salford Quays, The Lowry Theatre, MediaCity UK and more. In addition there’s other towns like Stockport, Oldham, Bolton, and Bury accessible directly via the M60 ring road, while just a touch further afield (but still definitely within driving distance) you have options like Liverpool and other locations on Merseyside to the west, Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington and other locations to the north, the Pennine hills to the east, and the county of Cheshire to the south.

More information about the Support SevenStays can provide

With Manchester being such a competitive area for both the vacation rental and business travel markets, providing top quality experiences to the guests that you welcome into your property is vitally important to your success on your rental platform of choice. How successfully you can do this will also show in the amount of rental income that you’re able to earn. When it comes to looking after their Airbnb property Manchester based hosts looking for extra support can turn to the professional property management services offered by SevenStays.

Our comprehensive property management services include hotel-level cleaning, and thoughtful restocking and preparation of your property between bookings, but that’s not all. We can also take care of maintenance for you, and have a customer service team around the clock to respond to clients and any issues that they may be having.

In addition to this top rated offering of practical support, our team’s experience in the short let industry mean that we know how to handle the marketing and business side of things exceptionally well too. That being the case, our expert team will help you with all aspects of this – from taking amazing photographs that show your property off in the very best way, to pairing those photographs with expertly-crafted ad copy that will make your location stand out from the crowd online.


The SevenStays Blog is a great place to get to grips with the world of airbnb hosting, and the support that we offer. Check out our latest blogs below, or for more advice why not take a look at the entire archive?

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