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Managing an Airbnb Property Bracknell: What You Need to Know

Airbnb is a great way to make money in the property market, and Bracknell is no exception. With its convenient location between London and Reading and its proximity to Heathrow Airport, Bracknell offers a great opportunity for Airbnb property ownership. In this article we’ll explore Airbnb property Bracknell – why it’s a great place to buy an Airbnb, how to manage an Airbnb property, and tips on how to maximise your return on investment.

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Why an Airbnb property Bracknell, is a great investment

The Bracknell area has been economically flourishing over the last decade or so. The town is well connected, with access to major roads and public transport making it easy to get around. As more people in the UK look to escape from the big cities, Bracknell is well positioned to become a thriving commuter town. Furthermore, Bracknell boasts a wide variety of properties – from family homes to apartments – meaning you can easily find a ready property that suits your needs and budget.

Bracknell’s economy has been going strong for many years now. It has seen high employment levels and reasonable property appreciation, making it an excellent location to look for investment opportunities. There is a vast selection of shops and restaurants in the town’s lively retail scene, all within walking distance of properties in the city centre. Bracknell is also full of green spaces like Bracknell Forest, offering perfect parks for dog walking holidays!

Finding your target market

Identifying the target market for your Airbnb property Bracknell is an essential step for return on investment. Knowing who is likely to stay in the area, and what they might be looking for, will help determine what your property should look like and how it should be marketed.

The size and location of your property will affect which group of people are more likely to stay there. It’s important to remember that differently sized properties have different price points – make sure you choose a size that will make your guests happy while keeping your costs under control, for them and for you.

For example, you may find a small apartment near the train stop and local restaurant options. An ideal audience for this type of Airbnb property Bracknell would be business travellers. You can advertise the property to rent with these people in mind, and offer amenities like Wi-Fi, a writing desk and laundry facilities. This will make the apartment a great place to stay on business trips, especially given Bracknell’s connections to London and Heathrow Airport.

On the other hand, if you find a house in the suburbs you could offer it as a vacation home for families. If you are targeting this market, you should offer a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms and living areas, and ideally some outdoor space too. Ensuring a property like this has more than one bedroom and is easy to navigate to is essential.

There are some things that people staying in a modern Airbnb property Bracknell would expect regardless of their demographic. Even the cheapest UK hotel room has a TV and a warm shower, for example. Failure to provide this for your guests will make them leave a poor review, which will make it harder to get bookings in the future. Cleanliness is also essential, and you will need to wash and change the bed sheets between each guest’s stay. If this sounds like too much work, you can reach out to SevenStays for help while continuing to turn a profit from renting your Airbnb.

Listing your Airbnb property Bracknell

Listing your property on Airbnb with a clear and detailed description will attract potential guests, and will help them decide if your property is what they are looking for. Irrelevant or incorrect information will only confuse visitors and discourage them from inquiring about your property. Make sure that all the information about your Airbnb property is accurate and appealing.

It can help to think of the last step here too – by knowing which demographic you’re trying to target, you can mention additional information that will appeal to them. Parking for multiple cars won’t matter to a single professional, but speedy internet will! The hosts that do best with their Airbnb property Bracknell know that it pays to keep things like this in mind.

SevenStays offer a listing management service too! If you’d like more information about SevenStays you can read more about our services here, or get in contact with us by clicking here.


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